Create GCloud plugin procedures

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Plugin procedures can be used in procedure steps, process steps, and pipeline tasks, allowing you to orchestrate third-party tools at the appropriate time in your component, application process, or pipeline.

Run Custom Command

This procedure allows run any gcloud command.

Input parameters

Table 1. Run Custom Command input parameters
Parameter Description

Configuration name

Required. The previously defined configuration for the plugin.

Group of commands

Required. Name of the group of the commands. For example, info, compute, iam, and secrets.


Name of the command. For example, instances, zones for the compute group of commands.


Newline-separated names of subcommands or values for the command. For example, list for compute + zones or compute + instances; the name of the instance for compute + instances.


Options to pass to the GCloud executable, separated by new lines. For example, --option-name[=optionValue].

Result property sheet

Required. Results are saved into this property or property sheet.

Output parameters

Table 2. Run Custom Command output parameters
Parameter Description


STDOUT after accomplishing the command.