Create MySQL plugin configurations

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Plugin configurations are sets of parameters that can be applied across some, or all, plugin procedures. They can reduce the repetition of common values, create predefined parameter sets, and securely store credentials. Each configuration is given a unique name that is entered in the designated parameter for the plugin procedures that use them. The following steps illustrate how to create a plugin configuration that can be used by one or more plugin procedures.

To create a plugin configuration:

  1. Navigate to DevOps Essentials  Plugin Management  Plugin configurations.

  2. Select Add plugin configuration to create a new configuration.

  3. In the New Configuration window, specify a Name for the configuration.

  4. Select the Project that the configuration belongs to.

  5. Optionally, add a Description for the configuration.

  6. Select the appropriate Plugin for the configuration.

  7. Configure the plugin configuration parameters.

  8. Select OK.

MySQL plugin configuration parameters

Table 1. EC-MYSQL plugin configuration parameters
Parameter Description

Configuration name

Required. The unique name for the configuration.


The configuration description.

Login as

Credentials for basic authentication.

Check connection resource

A resource that is used for the checking connection.


The name or IP address of the server you want to connect to. Default value is localhost.


Database port. Default value is 3306.