SendEmail plugin release notes

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  • Fixed backward compatibility issue for the Message parameter. As a result of this fix, this version upgrade may take a few additional minutes to complete when promoted. In internal tests, using 4000 objects (including procedures, releases, pipelines, and applications), the plugin took ~3 minutes to upgrade on a VM with 4 vCPUs and 16GB RAM.


  • Removed CGI scripts.


  • Changed the Message parameter’s default selection from Plain to HTML.


  • Updated the To parameter to optional, as in previous versions.


  • Upgraded from Perl 5.8 to Perl 5.32. The plugin is not backward compatibility with releases prior CloudBees CD/RO 10.3. Starting with this release, a new agent is required to run the plugin procedures.

  • This plugin has been migrated from GWT to PDK.


  • Updated the documentation.


  • Fixed a dropdown list.

  • Renamed from "Electric Cloud" to "CloudBees".

  • Fixed catch of formal parameters.

  • Changed the way the step retrieves the parameters.

  • Reverted the code that clears empty parameters.

  • Added bintray to repositories.

  • Checked dependencies with GCP Artifactory.

  • Checked for attachment name.


  • Fixed an issue with unrecognized parameters in the application component process definition.

Known issues

  • Sending empty file attachments only works with CloudBees CD/RO version 10.8 and later.