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Use this configuration with ElectricSentry to watch for property changes.

Plugin version Revised on June 9, 2020


Create a source control configuration, supplying the following information:

  • Configuration Name - Provide a unique name for the configuration, keeping in mind that you may need to create additional configurations over time.

  • Description - You can supply a text description for your reference only. CD does not use this information.

Using the plugin

Configuring a build for property

A Trigger Property ElectricSentry schedule is not based on an SCM system—​it is based on monitoring an CloudBees CD property. The property can be defined anywhere in CD, but the "CloudBees" project must have access to it. If the property is defined using "relative property path" syntax, it is assumed the property is in the same project as the schedule, either in the project directly or in a property sheet within the project.

The property can be set by the successful completion of an CloudBees CD job, by a trigger generated from an SCM system, or by any other internal or external process that has access to the CloudBees CD API. Examples:

  • /projects/Master Build/buildCompletionTime - (absolute path)

  • componentBuildCount - (relative path)

For each configured user schedule, ElectricSentry looks for settings in the UI. CloudBees CD stores these values in the following property locations:

  • Project - userProject

  • Schedule - userSchedule

  • Property Sheet - ec_custom EditorData

Trigger property settings

  • TriggerPropertyName - This is the name of the property to monitor.

  • QuietTimeMinutes - This is a property set by ElectricSentry. For the Trigger Property, ElectricSentry records the value of the property.

  • LastAttemptedSnapshot - This is a property set by ElectricSentry. For the File Property, ElectricSentry records a time-string based on the file modify time.

Operation details

ElectricSentry retrieves the status of the specified file and tests whether it has changed since the last build time.

Quiet time (set through a field on the individual schedule or globally on the SentryMonitor schedule) is calculated by testing the file modify date. The time is compared to ElectricSentry machine system time. If QuietTimeMinutes time has elapsed, the job will start. Otherwise, ElectricSentry continues to test quiet time each time it runs until quiet time is met.

Release notes

ECSCM-Property 2.0.5

The documentation has been migrated to the main documentation site.

ECSCM-Property 2.0.4

CloudBees CD rebranding

ECSCM-Property 2.0.3

Renaming to "CloudBees"

ECSCM-Property 2.0.2

  • Added help link to the Sentry form.

ECSCM-Property 2.0.1

  • Updated help page format

ECSCM-Property 2.0.0

  • Updated help page format

ECSCM-Property 1.0.2

  • Updated help page

ECSCM-Property 1.0.0

  • SCM features - Sentry

  • SCM features - Configuration