Troubleshooting the data pipeline between CloudBees Analytics and CloudBees CI

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The CloudBees Unified Data Plugin publishes CloudBees CI events to CloudBees Analytics.

If CloudBees CI cannot send an event to CloudBees CD/RO, for example due to a network issue, it continues to attempt to send the event periodically for up to 7 days. If the plugin cannot upload an event after 7 days, the plugin clears out the event queue and stops sending events until CloudBees CI is restarted or event collection is manually enabled again.

CloudBees provides an event status page to help you to keep track of the plugin’s status and ensure the connection is active. The event status also helps you to keep the upload queue under control.

Viewing event status

To view event status:

  1. From the CloudBees navigation, select CI.

  2. Under Status Information, select Event Status for CloudBees Software Delivery Automation Analytics.

    The following event status information appears:

    Table 1. Event status
    Events are being sent toThe URL of the CloudBees Software Delivery Automation server.

    Collecting events since

    The date and time when the plugin started collecting events. The date and time correspond to the plugin’s installation and activation date and is reset any time Jenkins is restarted. If the plugin is uninstalled and then reinstalled, the date and time are reset.

    Last event uploaded at

    The last time data was sent to CloudBees CD/RO.

    Last upload failure at

    The last time the upload failed.

    Total events queued

    The sum of all events that have been queued since the plugin was activated. This value resets when Jenkins restarts.

    Total events uploaded

    The sum of all events sent to CloudBees CD/RO. This value resets when Jenkins restarts.

    Current event queue size

    The number of new events currently waiting to be sent to CloudBees CD/RO.

    Event details

    Click this link to view an audit of all events that are being forwarded to the CloudBees Software Delivery Automation server from this Jenkins server.

    Re-synchronize all builds from the past week

    This option lets you manually send historical build data from the past week. This is recommended after the initial installation of CloudBees Analytics. See Configuring initial events for Workload Insights.

Viewing event details

To view event details:

  1. From the CloudBees navigation, select CI.

  2. Under Status Information, select CloudBees Software Delivery Automation.

  3. Click Event details.

    The following event details appear for each event that is sent.

    Table 2. Event details
    ObservationsThe number of observations.

    Average Rate

    The average rate of observations per minute.

    Average CPU time

    The average amount of time used to process an observation.

    Total CPU time

    The total amount of time used to process all observations.


    The schema used to produce the event payload.

    Example payload

    The payload of the most recent event that was sent.