View workspaces

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This page displays all workspaces currently available to CloudBees CD/RO. At a glance, you can see all paths to every workspace.

View the list of workspaces

To view the list of workspaces, navigate to menu:Administration[Workspaces. The Workspaces page displays the following information:

Column Name Description / Actions

Workspace Name

Name created for this workspace. Select the workspace name in this column to edit the workspace.


Name of the zone where this workspace resides.


When selected, the workspace is enabled and can be accessed. If a job or job step cannot access the workspace, the job queues, waiting for the workspace to become available.


If selected, the workspace is local and files in the local workspace are accessible only from the resource that originally created the file.


(Optional) Plain text or HTML description for this object. If using HTML, you must surround your text with <html> …​ </html> tags. Allowable HTML tags are <a>, <b>, <br>, <div>, <dl>, <font>, <i>, <li>, <ol>, <p>, <pre>, <span>, <style>, <table>, <tc>, <td>, <th>, <tr>, and <ul>.

  • For example, the following HTML:

    <p> <span style="font-family: Arial;"> <i>Note:</i> For more information about the <b>abc</b> object, see <a href=""></a>. </span> </p>

    renders as follows:

    <i>Note</i>: For more information about the <b>abc</b> object, see

Drive Path / UNC Path / UNIX Path

Path to the workspace.


  • Copy: Make an exact duplicate of an existing workspace, then select the copy to go to the Edit Workspace page to change the workspace name.

  • Delete: Delete the workspace on the same row.

View or edit workspace details

To view the details of a specific workspace, select the name of the workspace. To edit the details, complete the fields and menus in the Edit Workspace page and select OK. For details, refer to Create or edit workspaces.

Add access control privileges to a workspace on the Edit Workspace page.