Configuration drift

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Throughout the software release process, CloudBees CD/RO tracks changes in the release to ensure that the applications are repeatedly and reliably deployed and that the release is successfully completed. CloudBees CD/RO uses snapshots and change tracking to track the changes and identify differences, and then can notify users about them.

Snapshots are a version of the application at a point in time, encapsulating the specific state of the application, its environment states, its components, and the artifacts and artifact versions that define the components. You can manually take snapshots and compare two to determine the differences between them. You can also automate a procedure that takes snapshots on a schedule, create custom reports, and send them to users, making it easier to identify differences between deployments and resolve issues in the release. See Snapshots for more information about snapshots.

Change tracking is another way to track differences between deployments. Change tracking can track the changes between every state of non-runtime objects and allows you to revert to any previous state of the objects, such as applications, application processes, components, artifacts, procedures, workflows, resources, and workspaces. In the Change History, you can find what changed for a specific object, such as an artifact, and when the change occurred. See Change Tracking for more information about this feature and how to use it.