Code Commit Trends dashboard

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The Code Commit Trends dashboard lets you monitor the code velocity over time across teams and SCM repositories.

Code Commit Trends dashboard
Figure 1. Code Commit Trends dashboard


This dashboard provides menus that let you filter by time period and SCM repository.

Time filter

Filters the commits based on the selected time range. The time filter applies to the commit date.

SCM repository filter

Filters the commits based on specific repositories.

Adding repositories to the SCM repository filter list

The dashboard shows metrics for code commits made to your SCM repositories.

  • The Git plugins are enabled to collect code commit data from Git, GitHub, Bitbucket, and GitLab repositories and send it to the CloudBees Analytics server.

  • The Git Setup for DevOps Insight procedure allows you to configure the plugin and set up schedules to get the details periodically on the latest commits that were submitted by developers to the Git repositories.

The SCM Repositories filter shows the repositories for which the CloudBees Analytics server has collected commit data. By default, a maximum of 20 repositories appear. You can type in the search text box to retrieve repositories that start with the typed-in text.

To run the setup procedure:

  1. Select DevOps Essentials  Procedures.

  2. From the All Projects list, select CloudBees and then select Apply. The list of procedures for the CloudBees project appears.

  3. For the Git Setup for DevOps Insight procedure, select the Run button and then select New run.

  4. Enter the parameter values. For descriptions of the parameters for this procedure, refer to collect reporting data with the Git plugin.

  5. Select OK.


Number of Commits

This chart provides the total number of commits today, during the last seven days, and during the last 14 days. These durations are fixed and are therefore unaffected by the time filter.

Daily Code Commit Frequency

This chart provides the number of code commits made per day.

Top 10 SCM Repositories with the Most File Changes

This list shows you the top 10 SCM repositories with the most number of files added, removed, or updated.

Top Code Committers by Commits

This list shows the top 10 code committers with the highest number of commits.

Top Code Committers by Lines of Code

This list shows the top 10 code committers with the most number of lines of code added, removed, and updated.