Configure initial events for Workload Insights

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After installing and setting up CloudBees Analytics, it can take up to one week for data to display on the Workload Insights dashboards. You can manually send historical build data from the past week to populate the following items on the Workload Insights dashboards right away:

  • Workload

  • Job runs by result

  • Workload deviation

  • Job failure rate deviation

  • Job duration deviation

Values for mean wait time, mean wait time deviation, and controller health are not updated with this initial event synchronization.

Loading historical builds may affect system performance.

To configure initial events for Workload Insights:

  1. From the CloudBees navigation, select CI.

    If CloudBees CI or CloudBees Analytics are not active from the CloudBees navigation, select Learn more for licensing information.
  2. Under Status Information, select Event Status for CloudBees Analytics.

  3. Under Build Synchronization, add the items to synchronize, and then select Save.

    If you select a folder, all jobs that are contained in that folder and its children will be included in the synchronization.

  4. Select Re-synchronize all builds from the past week.

When the synchronization is complete, the historical builds for the past week for all the configured jobs are sent to CloudBees Analytics so they display on the Workload Insights dashboard.