Architecture of a CloudBees CD/RO cluster

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The following figures show an example of the CloudBees CD/RO architecture in a clustered configuration.

cdro small clustered arch
Figure 1. CloudBees CD/RO small clustered architecture

Some CloudBees CD/RO components, like the CloudBees CD/RO API server for example, can scale vertically when hardware resources such as RAM, CPU, or disk size are increased. CloudBees CD/RO API server can also scale horizontally by increasing the number of CloudBees CD/RO API server machines and load balancing requests between them.

As shown in the diagrams, point the web browser to the load balancer that is configured to send requests to the web servers, and not directly to a web server.

cdro high level ha arch
Figure 2. CloudBees CD/RO high-level/high-availability architecture