Creating a Server Cluster

This section provides you with guidelines and procedures for adding horizontal scalability and high availability to your CloudBees CD environment. Horizontal scalability and high availability are achieved by adding additional machines to a CloudBees CD configuration to create a server cluster. A clustered configuration of CloudBees CD servers also requires these software components:

  • Apache ZooKeeper, which is a centralized service for maintaining and synchronizing group services in a cluster.

  • A software or hardware load balancer for routing work to machines in the cluster.

These components typically need to be managed by your IT department.

This section includes the Creating a DevOps Insight Server Cluster section, which describes the overall steps for adding machines to create a DevOps Insight server cluster. Also included is information about cluster upgrades, cluster reconfigurations, and configuring a cluster.

Benefits from Clustering

A clustered CloudBees CD configuration has the following benefits:

  1. Adds fault tolerance by rerouting jobs and API requests to running CloudBees CD servers.

  2. Increases the supported number of simultaneous jobs and API requests.

  3. Distributes API requests across multiple CloudBees CD servers.

  4. Expands capacity over time by adding additional CloudBees CD servers.

  5. Distributes CloudBees CD requests across multiple web servers.