Installing the MySQL JDBC Driver

CloudBees Flow does not include the MySQL JDBC driver. If you plan to perform a clea CloudBees Flow server installation that will connect to a MySQL database, you must obtain and install the MySQL JDBC driver.

Follow these steps:

  1. Run the installer.

    Make sure that you do not install the built-in database.

  2. After the installation completes, download the MySQL JDBC driver from link:\ .

  3. Rename the downloaded connector to mysql-connector-java.jar.

    This is required for the CloudBees Flow server to connect to the MySQL database.

  4. Install the driver in the <install_dir>/server/lib directory.

  5. Restart the server.

  6. Open the home page of the Automation Platform web UI by browsing to \https:/<cloudBees-flow-server>/commander/ and logging in.

  7. Go to the Administration > Database Configuration page and configure the server to use a MySQL database.