Counting and monitoring user licenses with the CloudBees User Activity Monitoring plugin

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The CloudBees User Activity Monitoring plugin helps you understand licensing and entitlement by providing you with a dashboard summary of recent user activity and Comma-Separated Values (CSV) exports of user access details. You can track user activity for a standalone controller or use the operations center to aggregate user information for all connected controllers.

This plugin is not intended to provide an authoritative, precise measure of the number of users. It is intended to provide a reasonable approximation of user activity for discussion with your CloudBees account team. If you require a more robust licensing management solution, CloudBees CI license usage is available for CloudBees Software Delivery Automation and provides continuous monitoring to maintain a many-to-one mapping of email addresses for a given user, a visual representation of CloudBees CI licenses and their active users, and an API to create custom license usage reports. For more information about CloudBees Software Delivery Automation, contact your CloudBees sales representative.

Accessing the User Activity dashboard

The User Activity dashboard summarizes user activity with a data retention policy of 40 months.

If a user has a different username and email address for your identity provider and for your SCM, separate local users are created and the plugin does not attempt to merge the duplicate entries.

To access the User Activity dashboard:

  1. Ensure you are signed in to a controller or the operations center with Administer permissions.

  2. From the dashboard, select Manage Jenkins in the left pane.

  3. Select User Activity. The User Activity dashboard displays.

    From the User Activity dashboard, you can:

    • View the 50 most recent user activity entries.

    • Optionally, specify a number of days or months and select Refresh to filter user activity.

    • Select Download Report to download a report containing all user activity for the past 40 months. The report is a CSV file and named user-access-monthly-yyyy-MM-dd-HH-mm-ssss.csv.

      Figure 1. User Activity dashboard

User Activity details

The following user activity details are available:

  • User activity has been monitored since: Displays the oldest Last active date and time for any user activity in the past 40 months.

  • Total users: The total number of users displayed in the dashboard.

    The 50 most recent users are displayed in the dashboard. For all user activity for the past 40 months, select Download Report.
  • User activity tracked by the plugin, including username, email address, date of last activity, and a user access type of either authenticated or Source Control Management (SCM).

    • Authenticated user access type: Users that are signed in using CloudBees authentication and perform actions directly on the system. These users are indicated by a key icon.

    • SCM user access type: Users that perform code commits to an SCM tool that triggers jobs or reports results through CloudBees products. These users are indicated by a source control icon.