Velero backup and restore

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Who needs it?

Shared services teams and administrators who want to use an open source tool, Velero, to back up and restore their Kubernetes cluster resources on CloudBees CI on modern cloud platforms.

The problem

Kubernetes is an open source platform for container orchestration. It excels at container management, at scale. While it’s a popular orchestration tool, it does not back up or recover itself. What if an accidental change occurs in your Kubernetes cluster? An accidental change can become a big problem with long recovery times.

CloudBees can help

We know how important your Kubernete cluster resources are, and why it’s critical to have a backup or restore option. This is why we’ve extended Velero, a Kubernetes tool, to CloudBees CI on modern cloud platforms for backup and restore use cases. Velero ensures a secure, compliant process, and an environment that produces a safe and reliable product.

The solution

Through the integration CloudBees has created with Velero, customers are able to secure their Kubernetes cluster resources with ease. Our integration enables you to migrate your Kubernetes clusters, back up your cluster, restore your cluster, and replicate your production cluster to development testing centers.

How we do it better

We’ve chosen a purpose-built-for-Kubernetes, superior solution for backup and restore that seamlessly integrates with CloudBees CI on modern cloud platforms. This technology is already being used in CloudBees CD.

Use cases

This enables backup and restore capabilities in Kubernetes cluster resources, ultimately mitigating risk.