Enterprise team management and authorization

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Who needs it?

CI Admins and development team leaders who want to easily create new team projects consistently with best practices built-in and the right authorization for team members.

The problem

For growing enterprises, the addition of multiple new teams and proliferating projects often equates to sprawling Jenkins controllers. Managing permissions across these disconnected islands of Jenkins is a difficult, manual and time-consuming task. Admins and team leaders face the challenge of being unable to onboard new teams and projects quickly. They run the risk of jeopardizing security and violating compliances by perpetuating tedious manual processes that often lead to human error and issuing advanced permissions to users that do not require them to execute their jobs.

CloudBees can help

With CloudBees CI, admins, team leaders, and application developers are able to meet their goals of speed and security while having the autonomy to innovate.

The solution

CloudBees CI drives security, compliance, auditability, and control of configurations and permissions through the system, while also empowering teams with the flexibility they need to be productive with built-in best practices. You can onboard new projects and teams quickly, define and assign security roles to groups of users, and delegate parts of administration to a user without having to authorize them with the powerful Overall/Administrator role.

How we do it better

CloudBees CI presents an enterprise, centrally managed CI/CD system that simplifies the work of admins and shared services teams and gives development teams the flexibility and autonomy to manage their own projects. This balances innovation with central governance in a scalable way.

CloudBees offers one place to manage multiple controllers making it easier for admins to enforce security standards and manage authorization.

Use cases

Team Management

CloudBees CI for Teams: Onboard new projects and new teams quickly, via pre-configured security and built-in integrations to code repositories.

  • Management of people and their access to the right parts of the system via enterprise authentication and authorization.

  • Creation and management of the resources developers need, such as machines, jobs, and repositories (see Configuration as Code (CasC)).

Access Controls & Permissions

CloudBees RBAC: Define various security roles that will apply to the systems they administer and assign those roles to groups of users.

  • Centrally manage multiple roles across multiple controllers.

  • Integrate with external authentication systems (LDAP, AD, Okta).

  • Allows for single sign-on (SSO) across controllers.

  • Delegating Administration (Overall/Manage):

    • Delegate some parts of administration to a user without having to authorize them the powerful Overall/Administrator role. If you are an admin this reduces overhead for managing controllers and gives power and control to team leaders.

    • Integration with CloudBees Role-Based Access Control (RBAC).

    • Manage assignment of Overall/Manage permissions across multiple controllers.