Contextual Pipeline Feedback

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Who needs it?

For developers and development teams who want to surface critical insights into their CI pipelines without leaving the tools they use everyday, CloudBees CI offers deep integration for version control repositories and business communication platforms.

The problem

Pipeline status information is readily available in CloudBees CI and Jenkins, but that’s not where developers are writing code or their primary communication channel. Developers spend unnecessary time determining build status when they have to leave the tools they are working in. They may be alerted proactively, but in a way that usually involves context switching. If there are actions they need to take, they have to manually navigate within tools to find the right place and the right detail to take action on.

CloudBees can help

CloudBees CI allows you to receive and act upon granular, actionable build and reporting data directly in the tools you use everyday.

The solution

With CloudBees CI, developers can see whether a build has passed or failed directly in GitHub, Bitbucket, Slack, and Microsoft Teams (in preview). In the case of failure they can quickly pinpoint the root cause and also rebuild the pull request (PR) from within the SCM. This capability eliminates context switching, and for the GitHub and Bitbucket integrations, supports auditability and reporting with the version control repository as the single source of truth.

How we do it better

Though Jenkins offers integrations, they require much more manual input and an outsized investment to configure each pipeline and write the code to send the relevant information. With CloudBees CI, these plugins require zero changes to pipelines, and the CloudBees SCM Reporter plugin, when used with GitHub, offers the ability to report to Checks when enabled (status checks let you know if your commits meet the conditions set for the repository you’re contributing to). These are differentiators.

Use cases

  • Gives quick feedback immediately upon completion of a build

  • Increases the productivity of developers by highlighting the causes of build failures quickly

  • Ensures that developers remain productive by alerting them as soon as issues need to be addressed

  • Allows developers to go directly to any errors for immediate remediation without having to navigate within any tool

  • Automatically sends alert notifications with direct links to status, tests, and errors

  • Enables developers to rebuild a PR from within their SCM tool of choice (compatible with GitHub and Bitbucket)