Customizing parameters

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Declarative Pipeline supports parameters out-of-the-box, allowing the Pipeline to accept user-specified parameters at runtime via the parameters directive. Configuring parameters with Scripted Pipeline is done with the properties step, which can be found in the Snippet Generator.

If you configured your pipeline to accept parameters using the Build with Parameters option, those parameters are accessible as members of the params variable.

Assuming that a String parameter named "Greeting" has been configured in the Jenkinsfile, it can access that parameter via ${params.Greeting}:

Declarative syntax
Scripted syntax
pipeline { agent any parameters { string(name: 'Greeting', defaultValue: 'Hello', description: 'How should I greet the world?') } stages { stage('Example') { steps { echo "${params.Greeting} World!" } } } }
properties([parameters([string(defaultValue: 'Hello', description: 'How should I greet the world?', name: 'Greeting')])]) node { echo "${params.Greeting} World!" }

You can also configure parameters in the job UI under the General tab and run the pipeline once (it will run without parameters the first time after you have added them). On the second run, the parameters will be available.