CloudBees CI ServiceNow Integration

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Who needs it?

Any software organization that is using ServiceNow Change Management and Incident Management and wants to integrate with Jenkins.

The problem

As software development organizations scale, major problems can arise with the growing number of software artifacts and the rising volume of release activity.

Increased software changes can create more test failures and production software issues, leaving you to ask yourself, “where do I even begin looking?”

Was it a software change, configuration change, hardware change, or network change that caused the issue?

CloudBees can help

We know how difficult and time-consuming it can be to identify a change that caused an issue, especially with multiple software artifacts to review. We also know there are best-in-class point solutions that can manage changes and incidents, like ServiceNow’s Change and Incident Management solution. This is why CloudBees has built an integration with ServiceNow’s solution, so you can focus on releasing software, not tracking and chasing down your changes and incidents in disparate systems.

The solution

Together, CloudBees CI and ServiceNow enable you to unify CI/CD and change/incident management within your software delivery process. With our frictionless integration, developers can continue working in their Jenkins pipeline. When they deploy their changes to an IT system, a change request is automatically submitted to ServiceNow’s Change Management system. No additional work is required on the developer’s side, and if an issue arises, an incident ticket is immediately created and assigned to the appropriate personnel for a quick resolution. No more wasted time looking for that needle in a haystack.

How we do it better

The ability to seamlessly integrate with ServiceNow and have a plugin and app in ServiceNow’s store is unique. Additionally, our integration is certified by our CloudBees Assurance Program (CAP) and ServiceNow’s Orlando release.

Use cases

This enables development to continue to be done in Jenkins, while automatically creating a change management system of record. Now, if or when an issue arises, the issue management system can quickly identify the issue and automatically assign someone to resolve it. All while managed out of a single system of record: ServiceNow. Developers get to work where they want to work, in Jenkins, and IT service managers get to work where they want to work, in ServiceNow. Neither team must sacrifice time or mental energy for compliance and issue remediation.