Enterprise Grade Plugin Management

Version:Starting with v2.263.1.2 “Plugin Support Tiers Badges” and “Add Plugin Exceptions to Beekeeper”. “Plugin Usage Analyzer” is available starting with v2.249.3.3.

Who needs it?

Shared services teams and CloudBees CI administrators who are tasked with ensuring a secure, compliant process, and an environment that produces a safe and reliable product.

The problem

The large ecosystem of plugins that extend the functionality of Jenkins and CloudBees CI is a critical factor in the popularity and success of Jenkins. Despite all of the benefits that plugins bring to CloudBees CI, they also bring with them a host of problems. The management of plugins within a given Jenkins controller and especially across a fleet of Jenkins controllers has security, stability, and other implications that are compounded at scale.

CloudBees can help

We know plugin management can be a major pain. Sometimes it can even feel like a full-time job. That’s why we’re constantly including improvements and upgrades to plugin management on our roadmap. But this doesn’t mean you need to wait for those improvements. Right now you can take advantage of our suite of features that elevate the overall plugin management experience to enterprise-grade.

The solution

Now there are more tools in your toolkit for enterprise-grade plugin management. You can continue to trust the CloudBees Assurance Program to vet, test, and verify your plugins are enterprise-grade via our tier system. CloudBees CI administrators will have all the benefits of Beekeeper to enforce the CloudBees Assurance Program on your controllers while having the flexibility to override it on a plugin-by-plugin basis with Beekeeper plugin exceptions. With our new enhanced UI, the plugin tiers are clearly identified and presented in context via support tier badges. With our Plugin Usage Analyzer, you can track and monitor the usage of your plugins across your Freestyle and Pipeline jobs. Bringing together all these tools enables you to have an actionable bird’s eye view to ensure all of your systems are healthy, running smoothly, and in compliance.

How we do it better

CloudBees is the only company built on Jenkins. We know Jenkins. That’s why we have the unique ability to provide Jenkins-specific governance and enterprise-grade plugin management.