Pipeline Policy and Best Practices Enforcement

Extend team management and security of CloudBees CI role based access by providing advanced Pipeline standardization and policy enforcement. Create and maintain build pipelines with best practices built-in to ensure the sanctity of the CI pipeline. Pipeline Templates Catalog helps ensure that Pipeline builds conform to organizational standards, while Custom Marker Files allow for instant build template selection based on SCM identifiers. Check in code, and it just builds. In the event that a build fails, CloudBees CI Checkpoint allows the build to be resumed from the checkpoint just before the failure. CloudBees CI provides many ways to deliver flexibility, efficiency and standardization. Some of the latest enterprise capabilities include Matrix support for Declarative pipelines, enabling users to specify a list of stages once and then run that same list in parallel on multiple configurations. For enterprises looking to modernize their Pipelines or deliver Pipelines as Code, Migration Assistant will ease the transition from Freestyle to Declarative Pipelines.