Long-Running Build plugin

1 minute read
CloudBees has determined that this plugin will be removed from the CloudBees Assurance Program in the later part of 2022. Notification will be provided prior to removal of this plugin. Please contact CloudBees Support if you have any concerns or questions.

What happens to builds that were running when Jenkins crashes, or is restarted not in "safe" mode (waiting for running builds to complete)? Whether or not you are using High Availability to start another Jenkins controller, builds of regular projects that were already running will be aborted. The Restart Aborted Builds plugin will at least let you find and reschedule them, but for builds of projects which normally take a long time, perhaps hours or even days, this is not enough.

To address the needs of people who have builds that are just too long to interrupt every time a Jenkins agent is reconnected (or Jenkins is restarted for a plugin update!), CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise includes a plugin offering a "long-running" project type.