How to find the CloudBees Support Tier for a certain Jenkins plugin?

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  • What level of support does CloudBees offer for a specific plugin?


This information is relevant to all CloudBee Jenkins Solutions, including the following packages:


Use the following links to understand the level of support provided for each plugin:

A - The CloudBees Support Plugin Policies article that describes the different CloudBees support Tiers for plugins.

B - The CloudBees Release Notes page.

  • Choose your product and then the release you are running.

  • From that page, click on the "Plugin" tab.

  • This lists the plugins for this, grouped as "verified," "proprietary," and "compatible".

  • All other plugins are considered to be "Tier 3" - Community maintained and Unknown plugins.

C - CloudBees CI Plugins Type the name of the plugin in the search box. In the search result, on top of each plugin card its tier is displayed. Alternatively, use the filter to display only results matching the tier you’re looking for.

D - Since version of the different CloudBees CI products, you can also get this information from the badge that will show up beside the plugin name in the Plugin Manager page as explained in detail in our documentation: Finding the CloudBees support tier for a plugin on Plugin Manager


  1. All CloudBees Proprietary plugins are verified on all appropriate CloudBees products.

  2. There are specific plugins that cannot be installed in any of their versions because they have been denylisted by or CloudBees.


For CJP Client controller > plugins tab.

  • Its version 5.19 is included into the CJP Client controller envelope.

  • It is a Proprietary plugin - Verified (Tier 1).

  • It is required.

  • Its version 1.23 is included in the CJP Client controller envelope.

  • It’s an Open Source plugin - Verified (Tier 1).

  • It is required.

  • Pipeline 2.5 is inside the CJP Client controller envelope.

  • It is an Open Source plugin - Compatible (Tier 2).

  • It is optional to install.

  • Job DSL plugin is out of the CJP Client controller envelope. However, its version 1.69 can be installed having Beekeeper enabled because it does not break any of the envelope dependencies.

  • It is an Open Source plugin - Community maintained and Unknown plugins (Tier 3).

Required plugins are those ones that are bundled in a specific CloudBees product whereas Optional plugins can be installed or not by the end user depending on their needs.